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I am Nicholas and this is my web development website Nixterweb.co.uk, which runs under my business Nick's IT Consultants. I am based near Norwich in the town of Great Yarmouth, but given the nature of the object, I'm mostly working nationwide.

I started working as a freelancer in Greece back in 2013. After working on many projects I was hired by PC Corner worked on numerous IT activities, concentrating more on web development both as an employee and as a freelancer. After moving in UK, was given the chance to continue my freelance work and do the thing I enjoy most.

I develop attractive, reliable and engaging websites for small and medium businesses or personal use. I work and test them in order to be fast, secure and updated with the latest technologies (e.g. SSL, optimize for better ranking etc).

There are some appealing and cheap packages you can purchase, which they're gonna be available soon through this website or you can request a quote through a form with questions which are describing your product.

Thanks for reading and stay in touch!

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Honest Approach

I'm not fond of being diplomatic just to get the job. Having a respectful relationship with customers is the best fit for me and honesty is a key to achieve this and a long collaboration as well.

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Your opinion matters and i'm ready to listen and discuss your input. You know your business better than anyone and with my technical advice i'm hoping for a fruitful creative process which is going to turn into engagement

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High-quality Code

I am very excited when it comes to coding new website creations. I constantly seek for new solutions trying to improve our product. We're mostly working with WordPress and Joomla! content management systems.

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We are constantly online, so you can approach us 24/7. We make sure we get your message and get back to you as soon as possible. Get in touch with us!


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    Content Management System

    You can maintain your website and add or remove whatever feature you like, using a CMS (content management system) without any extra cost!


    Ecommerce websites are a must in today's trademarket. I develop e-shops having in mind your clients needs. I am more than willing to listen to your ideas (we simply believe that you know your target group better than anyone) and discuss together solutions which will make your site outperform the competition.

    Responsive Design & SEO

    Websites are create are friendly for all devices that can access internet (except IE)

    Hosting & Updates

    Hosting and maintaining your website is also critical. We make sure your website is constantly online uploaded in our server, implemented with latest software updates and also configured behind a firewall. That way you are more secured from known bugs and security breaches.

    Backup & Recovery

    Websites are automatically programmed to backup constantly in two locations. So whatever happens to the hosting server, there are always backups to recover your website.

    Security & SSL

    Your website will have a lock near the domain name meaning the connection to that website is secure and encrypted (also you will notice that your domain's url is starting with an https:// instead of an http://). Search engines also support this technology and helps with ranking too.

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